by Liva Priedkalne on 2019-11-04
I brought my kitty in because he had visited the little box 17 time in about 45 minutes. The ER4Pets did a great job treating my kitty and they followed up with me’ which was greatly appreciated. I got a call just to see how he was doing and I got another call they promised because I had a question after I picked him up. They follow through’ which is so important. This difficult experience was made much easier with the care of this hospital.

by Valerie Martinez on 2019-11-01
Excellent experience from the beginning to the end! Everyone was so friendly and professional. The doctor was excellent and kept me well informed

by Anon on 2019-10-25
Dr.Jone is the best!!! It if wasnt for her our dog would of lost his life. She knows animals inside and out. We had a great experience and are very thankful to have found a doctor like Dr. Jones!!

by Linda Lefstein on 2019-10-24
Dr Jones and her team provided excellent care to our fur baby! Thanks and I highly recommend them.

by Michael Minney on 2019-10-23
Simply the best. Staff is the greatest. And here’s the important thing, they truly care enough to go the extra step.

by Evelyn Millan on 2019-10-20
Outstanding customer service. Very professional and courteous employees. Thanx again! Dr. Jones and her staff are second to none! Awesome!

by Carl Laster on 2019-09-30
I was very impressed with the Vets knowledge, professionalism and bedside manner. She was not your typical high pressure Vet wanting to perform lots of unnecessary tests.. I oils like to see her as my regular Vet for all my critters

by Susan Yarber on 2019-09-23
I really appreciated Dr Jones said i could bring him in at noon. My dr and all the ones in Poway wouldnt see him. By the time i got home he seemed ok but 3 days later we woke up to same sx, so i took him to Dr jones. She took good care of Bentley over nite.

by Terry Chaffin on 2019-09-09
We took our cat Freddie to the ER after 3 days of not eating and very little water intake. He was treated by our regular vet but was not improving. Dr. Jones examined Freddie and we decided to have her sedate him and do a more extensive work up after he received fluids and medication. When we picked Freddie up later, Dr. Jones spent a great deal of time with us going over the x-ray results and lab work that was done. Because the work up was so complete, she was able to show us a more complete picture of ALL Freddie’s health issues. We are sad that Freddie is sicker than we thought, but really appreciate her helping us understand and deal with his problems. We highly recommend this ER!!!! Bill and Terry Chaffin, Poway

by Anon on 2019-09-08
Always a great experience. Our dog is always stressed at the vet, but feels comfortable at ER4Pets. We’d much rather go here than to our regular vet. Staff is great with the pets. They explain everything completely and answer all of our questions.

by Ann Gaarder on 2019-08-17
I have been using PETSURG for more than 7 years for my corgi. Many of my visits were in the middle of the night and on Sundays. Dr. Jones has low costs for medications, special kibble diets, and special canned food. I have recommended Dr. Jones to many friends.

by Anon on 2019-08-13
Excellent experience and service. Took our labradoodle in late at night having inhaled a foxtail. Staff were super kind and helpful. Our dog was in some discomfort but they diagnosed the issue right away and gave him the necessary treatment. Would definitely use again if ever an urgent need. Great to know we have this service available locally.

by Patricia Hall on 2019-08-12
So thankful to have you available on off hours to take care of my fur baby!

by Helene Basten on 2019-07-27
The vet and team were knowledgeable and friendly… Got the correct diagnosis for my dog. This vet does a much more thorough physical than any vet I’ve ever been to… This is the kind of vet you want to take your pet to even for minor issues.

by Donald Singelyn on 2019-07-24
Very helpful team. Thank you for your help – late at night – and watching and caring for our dog overnight.

by Tina Claset Cota on 2019-07-23
The only place that I choose to take care of my Yorkie. Dr. Jones has saved my pet’s life more than once! She is brilliant!

by Anon on 2019-07-21
Excellent service. Very friendly.

by Cyndy Deford on 2019-07-21
Dr. Jones truly is The most kind and compassionate veterinarian out there

by David Hadzicki on 2019-07-11
Care was great. dog was hit by a car they put her back together!

by Cheryl Amaya on 2019-07-08
Excellent hospital! The staff and Dr. Jones have great customer service and really care for our dogs.

by Molly Hogan on 2019-06-30
They were fast and attentive. They took awesome care of my little drama queen.

by Anon on 2019-06-26
You diagnosed my dog when thrive misdiagnosed. Thank you!

by Karen Thernes on 2019-06-16
It is comforting to know they are there for us when my vet is not available. They always know just what to do.

by Evelyn Millan on 2019-06-01
We love Dr. Jones and her entire team! Very professional and courteous! It shows in your customer service! Thanx again and we will be coming back! BTW Rayman luvs you too!

by Eric J. Rodriguez on 2019-05-29
Incredibly thorough and helpful during a holiday weekend after my 7 yr old corgi injured himself playing at the dog park.

by Jacques St. Onge on 2019-05-23
Our dog was attacked by a coyote. Dr. Jones and staff took her as a non critical case as she demonstrated non life threatening wounds. They assessed her health and situation immediately. Suggested a treatment plan and followed that plan. Our Little girl is doing very well! Dr. Jones and staff have helped us twice in the past with emergency level treatment. As a pet lover and owner I have true peace of mind knowing that PETSURG & ER4PETS is close by and an excellent team who care for my fur kiddo as I do.

by John King on 2019-04-06
Dr Jones was informative and respectful of our concerns and gave ample time to our dog. At the follow up appointment she gave me advice on other potential problems as the dog ages. She gave a better examination than our regular veterinarian.

by John McCreary on 2019-03-19
You saved my fur baby for which I’m most appreciative.

by Tonya Dupree on 2019-03-14
The staff is kind and understanding and Dr.Jones is always insightful when explaining how to best care for my dog who has an ultra sensitive digestive system. I trust her expertise and know that my dog is in good hands when I have to bring her in.

by Anon on 2019-03-10
Petsurg & ER4Pets has helped us numerous times as we have several pets. In an urgent need we know care and treatment is nearby, day or night, whenever needed. In addition, they can refer us to the specialty veterinary service our pet requires or needs for follow up. We feel confident that our pets receive the best care available at Petsur& ER4Pets. We appreciate that they look at and treat everything just not the current emergency/illness. Our pets have had positive outcomes and long term health because of this care.

by Alexander Best on 2019-03-07
We brought our dog in on Christmas Day, when she was not able to stand on her own. This was her 1st major illness in 14 years as our pet, and we had no idea what was going on. Dr Jones was very helpful, and encouraging as well as her staff in assuring us Cheeba was in good hands. Turns out, she had Vertigo. We kept her at the clinic for 2 nights, and took her home. She has made a 90% recovery. We highly recommend Petsurg, and would not hesitate to use them again.

by Anne Marie Pleska on 2019-02-07
The staff and Dr. Jones were professional and very helpful. I did not have an appointment and they were able to examine and diagnose my cat in a short period of time. I am very confident in recommending PETSURG & ER4PETS.

by Garry Jennings on 2019-01-25
Sadie received prompt and excellent care. The entire staff was responsive and informative. Dr. Jones provided immediate and clear responses to our questions and provided a road map for us regarding Sadie’s treatment. We were very pleased with Sadie’s and our experience.

by Suzanne Mikhail on 2019-01-12
Dr. Jones, is one of the best vets in the north county. She is highly experienced, knowledgeable and is there for you 24 hrs a day.. Very compassionate as well. My rescue dog Koda Bear was diagnosed with salivary mucocele my regular vet said he needs a specialist so I called on Dr. Jones. Without hesitation she scheduled me in right away and performed Koda Bear’s surgery successfully. I told her about another rescue I pulled from the E. LA shelter explained her symptoms i felt like I was slowly loosing this girl she was suffering from her symptoms. Dr. Jones, scheduled Charlie in for an exam right away. Charlie was then placed on 24hr observation, given IV fluids, and medications to stop her vomiting and diarrhea. I was sent home with a plan and Charlie has been doing well ever since. Thank you Dr. Jones for bringing Koda Bear and Charlie back to health. God bless you.

by Deborah George on 2019-01-08
We went in unannounced with our pet after he was hit by a car on 1/6/2019. The staff was efficient, kind, and concerned. We felt he got the best care possible under the circumstances and that we were treated well, too. We felt we were listened to. When the call came that he had passed, Dr. Jones herself made the call rather than leave it to one of the staff. They allowed us much time to say good-bye as we needed, and offered to cut locks of his hair, etc.–whatever they could do to comfort us. They were honest about the charges and removed charges when he passed before all anticipated treatments were provided. Also impressive was their staff/patient ratio. They had 3 staff in the room observing about 8 patients, even though most were asleep. I felt that at all times he was being carefully monitored. I highly recommend them.

by Jordan Campbell on 2019-01-03
Dr. Jones and the nurses at ER4PETS really helped us out in our time of need. They took great care of my little pup, and he even got a Certificate of Bravery for his time spent there. If we ever have an emergency again, they are our go-to! A+++ service!

by Karen DeSimone on 2019-01-01
We feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Jones with Petsurg for emergencies with our 4 rescue cats who we love dearly. She was suggested to us by the woman who runs Cat Adoption Service (an excellent cat rescue) where we adopted all 4 of our cats. Dr. Jones is extremely calm and so knowledgeable and thorough. She has diagnosed two of our 4 cats upon their first visits so treatment could begin immediately to get their conditions under control. Knowing that Dr. Jones is only one mile from our apartment and the fact that she is open 24 hours a day every day of the year brings my husband and I immeasurable comfort just knowing that she is right there for any and all emergencies. We highly recommend Dr. Jones.

by Wendy Sue Hawkins on 2019-01-01
ER4Pets is close by and offers compassionate care for my dog Jaz. Always friendly and informative. We get a follow up phone call which is always nice. Available 24 hours when of course something will inevitably happen! They are open and provide excellent service.

by Carole Trilling on 2018-12-05
We brought Chloe in after she was bitten by a coyote. She received great care from everyone at the clinic. Thank you so much! Carole

by Anon on 2018-11-24
I would highly recommend PETSURG & ER4Pets to my family, friends, and neighbors. Dr Jones is a great asset to the community. As a pet family we cannot always wait for an appointment during regular office hours. Dr Jones and her staff are always available during these emergencies and on the occasions that our regular vet has missed something. Thank you ER4PETS for taking care of our pets. When we leave her facilities we know exactly what we are dealing with and our pets needs have been addressed.

by Jane Chambers on 2018-11-20
Dr. Jones and her staff are very professional and show compassion, which as an owner of a sick dog, I appreciate. Mocha, my 11 year old doxie mix, was in pain when I brought her into ER4Pets. The technician asked all the appropriate questions to get the information needed to begin the assessment of Mocha. Dr. Jones explained the different diagnostic routes we could take. Once the results were completed, Dr. Jones explained the blood work and X-ray findings, the diagnosis of pancreatitis and the proposed treatment plan. I was provided the drugs and food necessary to get Mocha back on the road to feeling better. It was late Sunday evening and I was home with Mocha in just a few hours. And Mocha is feeling much better!!

by Wendy Miller on 2018-11-20
My dog was seen immediately upon arrival. The diagnosis was accurate and the proper meds were prescribed. Thank goodness such a service exist when on a Sunday afternoon, your precious pet needs to be seen so you can rest assured they are O.K.

by Thanh Tran on 2018-11-04
Dr. Jones and her staff were very helpful in dealing with my pet’s problems. It’s was a pleasant experience. It’s a highly recommended place for your pet’s needed.

by Anon on 2018-11-02
When our little dog stepped on a bee while on an evening walk and has severe allergic reaction to the sting, what peace of mind to know that ER4PETS is there for us – no matter what time help is needed. Everyone was so thoughtful & proper treatment was immediate. Thank you all for all the TLC for our pack member & helping her be back home with us!!

by Arthur Quintana on 2018-10-31
This place is G-r-r-r-eat!!!

by Robert Marcella on 2018-10-11
Excellant service and late at night too. Thank you for being there. Kyle is doing just fine and felt better the next day You provided great service, with a friendly staff. Thank you!

by Leisa Goad on 2018-10-10
We love Dr Jones and her staff! Thank you so much for your help in adopting our new fur family! We are so in love with all of our sweet babies! Thank you Leisa & Calvin Goad

by Ann Runge on 2018-10-04
The team at ER for Pets are detailed and professional! Dr. Jones and her team are incredible people who truly care. Ace is doing well and will make a full recovery.

by Anon on 2018-09-30
Most thorough, and helped with non-emergency problems as well. Charges were fair and surprisingly reasonable. Definitely recommend Dr Jones and her staff.

by Julia Timmerman on 2018-09-27
ER4PETS is a wonderful place! They take excellent care of our dog, Summer! Rushed her in there when something was wrong, and immediately she was treated with loving care ! They know what they are doing ! I trust them completely and know they take good care of the animals! The whole staff is incredible! Dr. Jones is awesome! Very thorough and caring! They are all extremely knowledgeable and answered my many questions! Thank you for helping our beautiful dog and putting Mama at ease with your wonderful care!

by Dan Muller on 2018-09-19
Dr Jones and her staff are excellent.

by Kimberly Hastings on 2018-09-18
I really like the caring and support and understanding of all your staff through our worry. Many thanks and love for saving our Gus

by Toni Kraft on 2018-09-06
I appreciate dr Jones direct dialogue with me in regards to my 10 year old lab ! You must never think that an ER experince is all warm and fuzzy , it needs to be focused and address immediate issues but I hope I never have to come to ER again with my pets , IF i do I know we are in good hands

by Anon on 2018-08-27
My poor pup was hit by a car this past weekend. All animal clinics nearby were closed but luckily Petsurge came to the rescue with their 24 hour service. I called and told them about my incident and they immediately checked me in. Was greeted at my car as soon as I parked with the friendly MA Ashley. She already knew what my case was. She took my pup into her arms and he immediately got taken in for treatment from Dr. Jones. As soon as they cleaned his wounds and checked his whole body, Dr. Jones came in and provided me with an update right away. The whole staff was friendly and accommodating and easy to talk to as this was a very traumatic experience for me. My little pup is back and in recovery. He was released the next day after surgery and he seems be to coming back already to his normal fun self. Thanks Petsurge for fixing my puppy. Spectacular service all around.

by Penny Blach on 2018-08-27
Peaches really did very well under your care, which was great since he is an 18 year old cat. I appreciated all the updates and photos. Everyone who visited was very compassionate and left the house in excellent shape..

by Catherine Scott on 2018-08-07
Wonderful experience considering it was an urgent situation. My golden retriever poked her eye in our garden late on Sunday evening. ER4PETS staff and doctor were quick, thorough and very kind. Excellent prices. Thank you for being there!!!

by Rebekah Kennedy on 2018-07-17
Kitty met up with the recliner in an unfortunate disagreement.We feared her tail was broken in several places. The receptionist/aide was very sweet and friendly. It decreased my anxiety a lot. Dr was up front and knowledgeable, giving us best and worst scenarios and a range of treatment options. We opted to give kitty meds and observe. Kitty is recovered fully now within a week. Waiting for her fur to grow back Thank you ER4PETS.

by Stacie Keyes on 2018-07-16
I appreciate the time and concern that the vet had for my pet and her situation. Not only did she treat her for her condition but she gave me suggestions that I am now using. She is very knowledgeable and she did not try to guilt me into tests and treatments that weren’t pertinate to her immediate condition.

by Anon on 2018-07-11
Great everything. Everyone was friendly and understanding. 10/10 would come back here again. Very quick too. They took our Bonnie in straight away.

by Ian Bouchillon on 2018-06-28
Everyone there was very warm and accommodating. I was super stressed and worried about my cat, but they took him in and fixed him right up.

by Dan Muller on 2018-06-21
Dr. Jones and everyone at ER4PETS are awesome, I work odd hours, and love that I can drop in anytime to get my science diet food.

by Cyndy Deford on 2018-06-20
So fortunate to have found Dr. Diana Jones and wonderful staff @ ER4Pets. My fur baby’s life was in jeopardy and Dr. Jones was ready and available to take care of her. Her compassion, skill set, and dedication is beyond all others. However my dog’s fate turns-I know in my heart that I trusted the very capable and compassionate hands of Dr. Jones and her staff to give her the absolute best care ever. Thank you so very much for all that you do for every pet and pet owner. Cyndy Deford and Addie (woof)

by Linda Mogol on 2018-06-10
Dr. Jones is a dedicated, compassionate and most competent veterinarian. We have taken our two teacup poodles to her for emergencies, on several occasions, over the past few years. Dr. Jones has an excellent support system.

by Earl Boyll on 2018-06-06
Dr. Jones was very good with Maggie. She relayed the findings, and gave the suggested treatments, being very upfront with the charges for each treatment right away. There were no ‘extra charges’ at the end of Maggie’s stay at ER4 Pets. The staff was friendly, and treated our pet as if she were their own. After taking Maggie home, Dr. Jones called the next evening to inquire on how Maggie was responding to the treatments. I have rarely if ever had the veterinarian call for a post treatment followup. I appreciated the service and the caring at ER4 Pets. If the need ever arises again, I will not hesitate to call ER4 Pets.

by Anon on 2018-05-30
We made a mental note of where Petsurg & ER4Pets was located just in case we ever needed this service as we just adopted a dog in December 2018. On Memorial Day Weekend our Chewy woke up not being able to use his front right leg. We took our 8 year old into be checked out. He spent most of the day & evening there & the Vets did a great job with our senior boy. Price was reasonable for an emergency. RX was sent home with us as well. He’s now recovering at home. Would for sure return should we have any other emergency’s

by Janice Kall on 2018-05-23
My dog went after an animal underneath a Pencil plant. She was very ill and her eyes were swollen shut. THey managed to save her and her eyesight. I am ever so grateful.

by Jennie Silva on 2018-05-11
We were very well taken care of in a frightening situation! Our dog is in the mend and will be fine. Thank you for the care!

by Anon on 2018-05-04
Brought my kitten in for what I thought was a broken paw. The staff was nice and kept me updated with everything going on. I thought I would be paying through the roof but they gave me reasonable pricing for X-rays and pain medicine. I was even walked out to my car. I highly recommend going here if your pet has an emergency.

by Anon on 2018-04-27
Fast paced and friendly

by Perry Todulakis on 2018-04-25
Our Golden Retriever, Parker, has visited ER4Pets three times now. Each time he received the attention he needed and the medication that was necessary to bring him back to a healthy, happy member of our family.

by Carl Miskowicz on 2018-04-17
Fast, friendly and affordable.

by Rommel Casanada on 2018-04-13
They know what they’re doing and do not overcharge. Service was excellent and everything they prescribed my dog worked as they say it would.

by Linda Lee Harris on 2018-04-10
The staff was attentive and experienced. They took excellent care of my dog. We were in the emergency hospital early Easter morning with my dog who was in a lot of pain. They took action quickly and genuinely cared about my little dog. I had to drive 20 minutes to get to them from my house and it was worth it. Their pricing I felt was very reasonable and my dog is doing very well thanks to Dr. Jones and the rest of the staff. Your the best.

by Rosamund Breese on 2018-04-05
Excellent service as always.

by Anon on 2018-04-01
The staff was very professional and we were seen right away.

by Elizabeth Macomber on 2018-03-25
The Staff and the Doctor welcomed my dog and I when we came to the office even though we were not regular patients. They were friendly,efficient and communicated every step along the way as they treated my dog. The facility was clean and cheerful. I liked that they didn’t send me home with expensive medicines and push other treatments.Their rates were good as was their followup the following day.I definitely recommend ER4PETS!

by Melani Roberson on 2018-03-17
Unlike other vets, I believe that ER4pets does everything they can for the animal, not just the bottom line.

by Paige Rollins on 2018-03-16
Thank you for loving my kitty.

by Joseph Valencia on 2018-03-10
We ran into an emergency situation with one of our birds at night. There are very few places that handle “exotic” pets such as birds (yes birds are considered as an exotic or specialty animal), and even fewer that are open after hours (5pm). Even though they normally don’t accept exotics as a normal practice they did understand the dire situation our little friend was in and told us to come over. The moment we arrived they let us in and saw our friend immediately. The staff was fast, very friendly and understanding. They explained their procedures, billing practices, and helped understand the paperwork involved in a clear and easy to understand manner. They were able to help our friend out and to resolve the situation. The vet explained what was done, and even provided some reading material (which was very enlightening) to help prevent/reduce possible emergency situations in the future. We were extremely grateful that they allowed us to come in, and were pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices were.

by Dan Muller on 2018-03-03
Dr. Jones and her staff provide excellent service at a fair and reasonable price. I LOVE ER4PETS!!

by Anon on 2018-02-27
Great experience! So glad they are part of the community and readily available for our emergency visit. Clearly explained the options and costs. Reasonably priced-not much more than a regular vet visit. Would definitely use them again.

by Anon on 2018-02-21
My cat was well taken care of. The Dr. Jones and her staff are very professional and caring.

by Kristine Stebbins on 2018-02-02
The doctor and staff were thorough and caring. They saw our sick cavy at 9 pm when we were very concerned about her wheezing and significant weight loss. The vet diagnosed her with a sinus infection on one side, We left with a weeks worth of prepared antibiotic and very clear feeding instructions, After 2 days our sweet Sundae is doing much better, eating again and even coming out of her piglioo to see us. We have nothing but gratitude for the vet and staff for being there for us and our little guinea pig.

by Anon on 2018-02-01
Very professional and caring for you and your animal. I even received a follow up call the next day to see how my bird was doing. I was very happy with my experience

by Manuel Sitay on 2018-01-26
Open 24 Hours with great care. About 2 am found out my Dog had diarrhea and it was bloody. I found ERPETS online and brought her in. They took great care of her & she’s doing just fine now.

by Anon on 2018-01-24
I will be forever grateful to Dr. Jones for reuniting me with my pup after three long years! Thank you so much for doing the right thing for me and my Sweet Jane!

by John Wilson on 2018-01-11
Dr Jones SAVED MY DOG’S LIFE! 11pm My Lab gets into the zipped bag of another dogs Heart Meds and eats about 300 pills!!! This is bad… Dr Jones calmly tells me what to do and to get my dog there. Tech was waiting outside when I arrived. Despite it being touch and go for a while; at about 2:45 I get the call that he’s going to be OK. Saved my good ol dog Thank you!!!!

by Lydia Rios-Bretschneider on 2018-01-09
Prompt, kind and thorough. Thank you for taking care of Toby.

by Vanessa Irving on 2017-12-31
Everyone took great care of Diesel during our visit, as well as worked quickly and efficiently to let us know what was going on with him and put our minds at ease!

by Anon on 2017-11-25
Dr. Jones and her staff did an excellent job helping our cat, Hoover, who has chronic kidney disease. She educated us as to what we need to do to keep him healthy and around for years to come!

by Robert Sullivan on 2017-11-25
The love and care you showed for our furry little friend was wonderful. It is so comforting to know you are always there if we need you.

by Mark Anthony Guiffrida on 2017-10-25
Great experience! Great staff. Everybody was so helpful and knowledgeable! Would recommend to anyone.

by Jennie Silva on 2017-10-23
They took very good care of us at a very scary time!

by Anon on 2017-10-22
Great care provider. Timely, communicative, transparent.

by Ricky Jauregui on 2017-10-04
Freindly and professional staff, took care of my doggo’s eye, and gave me advice on how to prevent that from happening again

by Dan Muller on 2017-09-28
I love this place, my cat Marley, not so much….lol

by Heidi Smith on 2017-09-26
As always ER4Pets was a reliable, knowledgeable, thorough, and reasonably priced place to take our dog at the first signs of something being wrong. We love Dr. Jones and wish we could see her for normal checkups as well 😉

by Anon on 2017-09-11
Very caring and took time to explain home care they even called to check on him

by James Eisenhower on 2017-09-05
Our little chihuahua had a seizure and since it was 6:30pm, our regular vet was closed. The only facility I could think of was ER4PETS on World Trade Drive, so that’s where we took her. When she was weighed, we learned that her weight had dropped from just under 5 pounds to 2.9 pounds! What a shock! The doctor examined her and found she had low blood sugar. She kept her overnight with an IV while feeding her hourly. She also performed tests to try to determine the cause. They were available 24/7 for phone calls to check her progress and the next afternoon, she was stable enough to be released but with no definitive diagnosis. We were given antibiotics and special food and strict orders to make sure she took food every couple of hours and they said we could call with any questions or bring her back anytime she exhibited the same symptoms. We did call several times with questions and were always given helpful information. The doctor sent all the information directly to our regular vet, where we took her for an exam the following day. Since she was doing so much better, they sent her home with us and told us to bring her back immediately if she had the same symptoms. The doctor and staff at ER4PETS definitely saved our dog’s life and we are very grateful to them for their care and concern. PS ultimately, after more symptoms and tests by our regular vet, we learned that she had Addison’s Disease and we are controlling that with medication. THANK YOU TO THE DOCTOR AND STAFF AT ER4PETS FOR KEEPING HER ALIVE. Terry and Tony Eisenhower

by Merilyn Merenda on 2017-08-24
I love ER4PETS. Dr Jones saved my cat’s life and taught me how to take care of her by giving fluids through a needle every few days. She also put both cats on a special medical diet to extend their lives. All of my cats’ needs are taken care of by Dr. Jones and her wonderful technicians at ER4PETS.

by Rodrigo Caicedo on 2017-08-24
Wonderful upon entering office till we left great service personal and with our puppy

by Anon on 2017-08-23
The staff was excellent and did a great job explaining everything that was going on with our pug, Hurley. They took great care of her.

by Annie Good on 2017-08-20
Dr Jones took great care of our cat Frankie- Frankie was in bad shape due to a urinary blockage, ended up having to stay 4 days. Dr Jones keep me updated daily on his progress. Also let me know if extra test were needed for cost reasons. Frankie is now a happy & healthy cat again, we are thankful he is still with us. Thanks again, Dr Jones for taking such great care of him.

by Matthew Ferguson on 2017-08-13
Is your veterinarian open at 6:15pm? Mine isn’t and that’s when my cat usually starts showing some kind of medical disorder. Last time it was a snake bite in the paw that we noticed at 9:15pm on a Saturday night. This time it was vomiting. When this happens I know to head to the pet ER since my vet is closed. I found PetSurg on yelp and it was close enough to get there in 10 minutes. So glad I did. Three times now my cat has had severe issues that required special care — my vet doesn’t stock rattlesnake anti-venom, I don’t know why — and PetSurg has come through every time. I can call at 3am in the morning to check on my cat. I get regular updates from the doctor. My cat is healthy and happy today because of the special care that PetSurg provides. Now, if only my cat wouldn’t make such a fuss getting into the carrier.

by Marjorie McDonough on 2017-08-09
Very nice staff and very friendly. So is Dr JOnes. They are very concern about the dog patient.

by Ellen Pickering on 2017-08-07
We are highly impressed with Dr. Jones and her staff. Her ability to calm traumatized animals in pain is amazing. She explains things clearly and provides written instructions as well. I appreciate knowing that my cat is in good hands at ER4PETS.

by Evelyn Millan on 2017-08-05
Dr. Jones and staff are extremely courteous, professional, and personable. Thanx again.

by Ruth Soleymani on 2017-08-01
The vet’s remedies were not just a bandage. The vet resolved the medical issue at its source.

by Melani Roberson on 2017-07-29
Thank you for saving our brand new puppy!! I am so grateful for the care and attention that Einstein received.

by Roy Tong on 2017-07-25
Thank you for being open on a Saturday evening! Excellent care from check in through check out.

by Bailey Valentine on 2017-07-17
I know this is a pet ER, i wish they did full service, that is how much i love and trust the staff here. i will take all my pets here for any service they provide. Unfortunately. i will have to go to a regular vet for other services.

by Shari Bradley on 2017-07-07
Dr Jones provided a thorough exam of our Labrador a diagnosis that had been over looked and never even considered. We have such confidence in Dr. Jones.

by Teresa Himes on 2017-06-28
The staff was kind and efficient and got my very swollen dog less swollen and out the door quickly!

by Anon on 2017-06-22
We brought our kitty to Petsurg at 11pm one night vomiting and with an extremely high fever. They immediately felt like family, and I knew they would do everything possible to help him. They looked at his vet records and took everything into account, and did not recommend hundreds and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary tests just to pad the bill like some ER vets do. I was very impressed. And my boy is much better today thanks to Dr Jones and PetSurg.

by David Darling on 2017-06-22
Amazing staff and service in the late evening with our big dog in distress. Initial diagnosis confirmed with tests-amazing skill and caring staff, a really great experience in a difficult time. Our everlasting thanks!

by Maria and Rudana Molina on 2017-06-22
This is the only emergency room I go to for my pets!!! staff is friendly and knowledgeable! You can tell the doctor truly loves animals.

by Bergith Weber on 2017-06-20
Thorough, kind, and courteous! I’m so thankful for their caring service. My nerves were calmed and my dog was loved and well taken care of.

by Marion Winandy on 2017-06-05
Short waiting time. Treatment was appropriate.

by Katherine Taylor on 2017-06-05
Brought my 4 month puppy in on a Saturday night after she swallowed a whole sock! This team made me feel secure in their knowledge and ability, then competently took care of the problem. We left with very specific discharge instructions and they even called the next day to follow up on puppy’s condition. Very good to know this 24hr emergency vet clinic nearby.

by Diana Swanepoel on 2017-05-21
Dr Jones provided the best care to Milo, our kitty, after surviving a cayote attack. Her compasion for animals and experience as a vet put my concerns at ease & i knew Milo would be ok. She personally followed up within a day – above & beyond care people receive at an ER. I would recommend her to any pet parent!

by Virginia Rohn on 2017-05-16
ER4PETS checked out my lost dog that was dropped off by some good Samaritans. He had a great time and the staff was very caring, involved and thorough. Hopefully he won’t run off again but reassuring to know that they’re there in case of any emergencies!

by John Barth on 2017-05-12
Thank you to Dr. Jones and her staff for always being there and caring for our precious ones when emergencies occur.

by Anon on 2017-05-09
Each staff on site was kind, considerate and caring. It really made a difference to have so much time committed to making sure we had full understanding of what was going on with our dog, what his needs were and what our options were. We can’t thank you enough for making it an environment where it is clear nothing but the pet and family are well taken care of.

by Ellen Pickering on 2017-04-24
Sally the cat loves Dr. Jones and so do we. She is the reason our young kitty is alive. Sally has had far more than her share of health problems and injuries, and yet she always loves to see Dr. Jones. We highly recommend Dr. Jones. She is an excellent veterinarian who truly cares about the animals. I’ve seen her comfort our calico who was hissing and growling and turn her into a happy purring kitty. It was impressive. This 24/7 shop is very professional.