Pet Memorials

Here we honor our lost furry family members who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

pet memorial service

Remembering Toto who was truly part of the family and dearly loved from the day he was rescued in Texas. He even has his picture on his mom's purs


In loving memory of Sandi. Rest in peace sweet girl.


In Memoriam of Fyvie- In 2004, Fyvie was a five-year-old ex-racing greyhound who was found by the side of a road in rural Central California emaciated and unable to stand due to broken bones in both forearms. Initial treatment included medication and splints, but due to parasite infestation, malnourishment and an apparent previous pregnancy, she was unable to heal after six weeks. A veterinary sur...gical specialist performed surgery with grafts and metal plates to heal her bones. In 2005, Fyvie had to undergo another surgery in her left leg to stabilize the joint and bone. After healing and her rescuers getting to know her, they couldn't bear to let her go. After an additional 8 years of a long and joyful life, Fyvie went over the rainbow bridge. Thanks to Fyvie, other Greyhounds are getting the medical treatments they need because of the "Fyvie Fund" Learn more about Fyvie, her Fund, and about adopting Greyhounds here in San Diego.