Exceptional Emergency Veterinary Care

In caring for your pet, our goal is your peace of mind. We help you and your pet with serious injuries or illnesses by providing personalized, professional service from the first call to the last pat on the head. Our experienced team is committed to providing quality diagnostic services and advanced emergency care.

Compassionate care is as critical as professional knowledge. Our team will treat your special family member with the utmost care. We honor how close you are to your pet and know you love them very much. ER4PETS strives to relieve your stress regarding emergency treatment for your pet. Along with heartfelt caring, you will receive clear communication. Prior to procedures, we answer your questions, provide an estimate, ask for your consent, and help you understand how to make the best decision for you and your pet.

When staying in the hospital is necessary, your pet will receive 24-hour care supervised by a veterinarian. Your pet will have an individual suite with a comfortable bed and personalized attention. Hospitalized pets do not associate with other pets. Dogs are walked to relieve themselves when necessary.

When surgery is necessary, patients receive exceptional attention using the safest anesthetic techniques, fluid therapy, heat support, advanced patient monitoring, postoperative nursing care, and appropriate pain management.

After your pet’s visit, you will receive clear instructions on follow-up care at home and when to have your pet rechecked. Your family veterinarian receives a detailed report of your pet’s visit. Updating you and your veterinarian is essential to high-quality care for your pet. We are indebted to your primary care veterinarian for trusting us with the care of their valued clients’ pets and want them to know everything we are doing to help. We are a healthcare partner you and your veterinarian can depend on to help your pet.

Our goal is your peace of mind. Our experienced team is committed to providing quality diagnostic services and advanced emergency care.

Please feel free to call our hospital for information or advice on any of your patients requiring surgical care.

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